Boko Haram: Italian NGO INTERSOS helping IDPs and refugees in Cameroon

Boko Haram: Italian NGO INTERSOS helping IDPs and refugees in Cameroon

ROME, OCTOBER 28 – The attacks of Boko Haram seems to have no truce in various African countries, increasing the number of victims and forcing thousands of civilians to flee. In the north of Cameroon the Italian humanitarian organisation INTERSOS is on the frontlines to assist the local population, after the latest attacks of the terrorist militant group.

Between October 14 and 15, 3,500 displaced people, who had to abandon their homes and belongings, were hosted in the city of Mora, capital of the Mayo Sava Department, where the Italian Cooperation provided refugees with basic goods such as hygiene kits, cooking tools, mosquito nets, blankets and water.

“Many people in the past month found shelter in the area of Mora” – says Serena Mandara, Project Manager of INTERSOS in Cameroon – “However, it is only a partial safety, as the city itself and the entire area have seen escalating violence due to several attacks from Boko Haram fighters.”

According to the United Nations statistics, the presence of Boko Haram in Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad and Niger has forced 2,5 million people to flee their countries, setting up the worst migrants crisis in the history of Africa.

“Our operators are acting efficiently in assisting victims, given the extremely complex humanitarian critical situation” – says Giacomo Franceschini, Responsible for INTERSOS in Central and Western Africa – “It is not only about the consequences of Boko Haram attacks, but also the economic consequences for abandoning rural fields, which are vital for an economy of self-subsistence, along with the destruction of lands, rural tools and machinery, with drastic repercussion on food security.”

Since 2015, INTERSOS increased its presence in Cameroon to assist and protect civilians from terrorist attacks, offering to over 38,000 displaced families seeds and rural tools, water and basic goods. INTERSOS also offers psychological assistance to women and children victims of violence while escaping the attacks of Boko Haram. 

Par Jean Roger Zeugou (Source: ONUITALIA.COM)